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Abbey Scott

Abbey Scott is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter. Raised in a musical family, with her father Norman Saleet - a successful writer of hits songs for Air Supply, Selena, Celine Dion, Johnny Mathis... Abbey has been destined for success.

Growing up, Abbey became inspired by her favorite artists, and would take every opportunity to work on her writing skills and singing. She entered a variety of local songwriting competitions and received acclaim from industry executives as “one to watch”.

Traveling across Europe and the US, Abbey worked with hit songwriters and producers to hone her songwriting and performing skills. Abbey then began writing and recording songs for her debut release and is excited by the new material. “These are the most personal songs that i have ever written, and really reflect the journey I have been on in the last few years” says Abbey.

2014 is expected to be a big year for Abbey Scott.

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