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Dissolutes were voted Ireland's best hard rock band by Rock Bands of L.A. in 2014. Dissolutes' debut album "Brutal Theatre" is a discordant & riotous assault on the senses from four men who howl defiance & bloody minded bravado. The anguished growl rising from Paul Power's ravaged soul owes a debt to Howlin' Wolf and Jim Morrison while the band's sound fuses the shuddering rifts of Led Zeppelin with the unorthadox fractured spontaneity of Captain Beefheart.

Dissolutes is comprised of Paul Power on vocals, Darrin Mullins on Guitar, Ian Walsh on Drums and Paco Cuenca on Bass.

Infusing an intoxicating mix of bruising saturated guitar tones, gutter growling vocals, stream of consciousness lyrics, with pummeling, pulsing rhythms & atmospheric chiming textures, Dissolutes breathed "Brutal Theatre" to life.


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