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Voted the Number 1 Irish 2013 E.P. in 2014 by UGI Music Magazing, the EP titled "2033" took the world by storm in 2014. The song, "Shakin' All Through the Night" can be heard on Michael Des Barres on TradioV,,, Kingfm, Radioandra, Kqcx, around the world. On his January 2014 international TV Radio show, Michael Des Barres talks about how he "adores" The Whereabouts", then plays The Whereabouts and comments "What a great rock and roll voice" describes "Shakin All Through the Night" as "the most fantastic title and great song". Michael goes on to say that the simplicity of this new Irish band, The Whereabouts, along with the Strypes, interpreting how the Stones interpreted Chuck Berry is setting up the epic battle over who's going to take over the music scene, who's next...he says simply The Whereabouts.

The Whereabouts are a young, energetic four piece rhythm & blues, rock & roll band from Kingscourt in Co. Cavan, Ireland.

The band line up is:

Wayne Watters Reilly - age 16 - Lead Vocals and Guitar

Joseph Adcok - age 16 - Bass Guitar and Vocals

Evan Murphy - age 16- Lead Guitar

Dara Curtis - age 16 Drums

The Whereabouts' EP entitled "Twenty Thirty Three" contained songs written by all 4 members of The Whereabouts and 3 additional Rock & Roll classics. They have now recorded 10 tracks and are still in the studio...

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