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Dissolutes are played Cypress Avenue in Cork on Friday 1st of August opening for The Sultans Of Ping and also headlined at The Crane Lane Theatre in Cork on Thursday August 13th. Voted Ireland's Best Hard Rock Band.

Dissolutes are being played in 90 countries...that's right 90 countries Here is the first video from Dissolutes: "Storm Gonna Lock You Up"

From the ashes of The Driven and Pavlov’s Dogs comes the hard-hitting rock 'n' roll group, Dissolutes. Currently attracting the attention of music industry heads across the world. The adjective dissolute means unrestrained. This type of reckless abandonment just about sums up Cork-based Blues-driven rock 'n' rollers Dissolutes, who with their debut album have captured the attention of big names in the American music scene. American record producer Kim Fowley, UK A&R Rep Dawn Moonan and Rock Journalist Jeff Laufer brought Dissolutes to the attention of music industry executive David Chatfield who is shopping the record for the group after they were drawn in by the band's tone, a rootsy authentic sound combining brash guitars with raunchy Blues inflected vocals. "There has been a good bit of interest in the last 12 weeks," reveals guitarist, Darrin Mullins. "I wouldn't be a big man for the whole social media thing, however, through bloggers, Facebook, and other stuff, Kim Fowley, Dawn Moonan, Jeff Laufer and David Chatfield came across the band. David Chatfield's consultants saw the record online and he and rock journalists contacted us with their own detailed thoughts on it. It came from nowhere, and was based solely on the performance of the band, which is great for morale. So David has a team of influential people shopping the record for us. It's all very positive." The album causing a stir is Brutal Theatre, a discordant and riotous assault on the senses coming complete with a howl of defiance and bloody-minded bravado. "We cut the record at the end of last year," explains Mullins. "We spent time writing it but not so much recording so it's a real performance-based record. We just went into the studio with Christian Best at Monique Studios and put it down in under a week."I carried a H4 Handy Recorder into rehearsals, which I'd put in the corner and as the sound came together we just thought, 'don't f**k with this'. We're a performance-based band and that was our philosophy going into recording. We did three takes of each song and kept the best. And there were two songs on the record that we did in just one take, with everything in like the drums, vocals, bass and main guitar. The only thing we had to add afterwards was the second guitar and backing vocals."

Dissolutes were sampled at Midem and offers from all over the world are coming in. Also, the band continues to generate critical acclaim and their first video is epic. For information about the band contact David Chatfield. His contact information is listed on this website.

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