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See No Evil, Hear No Evil

‘The tale of a rock band that won’t quit and bunch of filmmakers that are only just getting started.’

People once believed that when a band breaks up their soul is carried onto the after life. But sometimes, just times, if the soul has unfinished business it comes back. To put things right… Of course they can’t do it alone…

The ‘Dissolutes’ is a combination of the whiskey soaked lyrics of Paul Power and the femoral riffs of Darrin Mullins. After shedding the skin of past bands, ‘The Driven’ and ‘Pavlov’s Dog’, this musical reincarnation sings songs of lives lived and pain felt. Their debut LP ‘Brutal Theatre’ was released into the ether late last year but this ardent album refused to go ignored and fate brought it to the ears of David Chatfield, a global music attorney in LA. He added fuel the Dissolutes’ future by securing them a licensing deal with the Asian market. If there is an invisible hand guiding the Dissolutes then, not only is it helping them, but it’s also feeding people’s desire for old school Rock ‘n Roll.

Link to the album on Soundcloud:

The lead single ‘Storm Gonna Lock You Up’ is the chest beating anthem that showcases the band as musicians’ musicians, and gained them a local cult following and a few dedicated champions. This part of the journey also introduces the Dissolutes’ partners in crime Epic Productions. Both eager fans, and loyal friends, the company produced the vigorous music video for the song. The stripped down set and flashing lights serve to highlight the ominous tone of the song. It’s bellowing refrain “I’m gonna tell a story, everybody’s gonna wanna listen!” reads like a personal mantra of persistence and sounds like a universal decree of determination. It dares you not to chant along.

In the second video, for ‘Past Abandoned’, the band allowed Epic to spread their dark wings of influence and provide them with a visual response to their favourite song. The result is a video that explores a mood and a feeling, that asks more questions than it answers. The lyrics croon of personal demons as the video takes a provocative look at rage and lust. We follow the personification of anger as he stumbles around drunkenly on a non-linear night of debauchery. The opening shot of a decimated home pushes the viewer to the edge of their seat and holds them there until the final frame.

The power of the Dissolutes’ music is only outmatched by the rawness of their performance. And the next opportunity to see the band play live is on the 14th of August in The Crane Lane Theatre in Cork City. Naturally they start at the stroke of midnight.

Epic Productions march on with an almost weekly release of videos, ranging from upbeat promotional videos to more macabre passion projects.

Both groups are on individual creative crusades but there is little doubt they will collaborate again. The unfinished business is far from over, and the hard work has just begun. As the man once said: “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

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