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Featured this month on the internationally syndicated Lopsided World of Jonathan L, as the critics acclaim,: Jase Dillan is not afraid of anything. Born from this seed comes ‘Lovers + Thieves.’ With this debut, Jase has bared both her soul and her teeth. With venom in her veins she's found strength after heartbreak. She knows that you have to cut the grass to find the snakes. And that it takes learning the hard way to finally see clearly. The intimate and true songs on her debut album portray the good, the bad, the right, the wrong, and all the grey areas in between. Her rough and lofty notes linger on your tongue like a hangover, but leave you reaching for the bottle when it’s gone. While most are drowning their sorrows in whiskey and sin, Jase is luring the prey and planning her attack. Cross her and you'd better say a prayer. With fire as her fuel, she has vengeance and victory in her path. There's a dark destination to her stride, and you can hear it in her song. Listen in to the nightfall, the love, the heartache, and join her in the daybreak, the rebirth, the redemption. -Anna Bohlin

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