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CATS PARK - "In My Room" - Winner International Film Festival

Voted the Number 3 Independent Band in the world inb 2014, the critis chose Russian band CATS PARK as one of the bands to watch in 2015.

Downtempo band, Cats Park, comes from the musical capital of Russia – St Petersburg. The young group, through its exciting melodies and lyrics in English, is winning over listeners from Russia and beyond.

Formed in 2011 around bass guitarist and musical visionary Alex Andreev and jazz vocalist Faijee, Cats Park quickly developed its unique style and sound. It is a combination of Andreev’s innate understanding of rhythm and Faijee’s ear for melody and phrasing, combined with her exceptional talent as a songwriter. It is difficult to categorize Cats Park’s style – the group manages to balance on the edges of several genres at once, nevertheless the group feels that the most appropriate description for their music is down-tempo rock – though in Cats Park’s music, slow groove combines with female vocals and sometimes with a light sounds.

Since its inception, Cats Park has received positive reactions to its work their debut video for the song ‘Your love is a sin’ was nominated on the American channel MTVu. The band’s EP, ‘Face the future’, released in April 2012, was positively reviewed in a number of countries; the single ‘Safety’ was not only highly-rated but was also broadcast on online radio stations. Apart from performances in clubs, Cats Park has proven its abilities as an established band and unified force by successfully performing at a number of major festivals while no less an authority than Morcheeba chose Cats Park as its support band on the Russian leg of its world tour.

Now the band has just released its first LP album A Taste of Heaven. Buy it — and be part of the latest music.

Alex Andreev — bass, keys Faijee — vocal Roman Shatohin — guitar Alexander Alekseev — keys Yuri Andreev — drums

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